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*Update* 07 April 2020

During these uncertain times, we are still working here at GMH, albeit with reduced working hours. 

We are aware that the postal service is running at full stretch, on limited staff, so please only order if you CAN WAIT for delivery as the postal service may take a few days longer than normal

If you can not wait a few days longer for your item. please do not order as we can not guarentee our normal delivery timescale


New_web_page_GMH are committed to getting you back on your bike as quickly as possible, we do that by providing high quality customer service, and by stocking over 850 different types of bicycle gear mech/derailleur hangers.

PILO Chainrings

GMH / PILO Water Bottle          GMH/PILO Water Bottle    

GMH / PILO Engineering - Tacx Shiva Water Bottles now in stock, enjoy some GMH Merch !