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Gearmechhanger.com are committed to getting you back on your bike as quickly as possible, we do that by providing high quality customer service, and by stocking over 560 different types of CNC machined gear mech hangers.


A new product just in from Pilo Engineering - S10 adapter for Shimano shadow direct link rear derailleur and the very new Alpe D'Huez Road Fairy aka roadlink, these great devices are designed for you to run with a larger cassette upto 40t

Pilo S10 Shimano Shadow Direct Link adapter     The new Road Fairy aka Roadlink   

Also our new Lock nuts for your rear bolt through axles in various thread sizes, Shimano and DT threads

 Lock Nuts for Rear Axles 


Pilo Engineerings quality is second to none. A simple, quick upgrade to improve the gear shifing on your bike 

Never get caught out, carry a spare mech hanger with you at all times, It can be a lifesaver !!!



What is a bent gear mech hanger ?

Most frames are equipped with a replaceable derailleur hanger. This part is installed as a safety feature, as well as a convenience to you.

It is not uncommon for foreign objects, such as sticks, stones and other debris to bend your hanger. A bent hanger can occur from shifting hard under load, and/or transporting your bicycle. Cycle derailleur hangers are designed to bend and break!

This inherent design actually keeps more expensive damage to your frame from occurring.

If these were stronger and more resistant to bending and breaking, there is a good chance that these forces would bypass the hangers and destroy the area of the frame attached to the hangers.

It is a good idea to purchase a few extra hangers to prevent a breakage from interrupting your riding time.


Guide to How to replace your derailleur hanger

If your rear derailleur is shifting poorly, not staying in gear, and appears to be bent or out of alignment, check first whether the derailleur hanger is bent.
Guide to How to replace your derailleur hanger

The derailleur hanger is the piece of metal that the rear derailleur attaches to near the rear axle On most bikes, this is a replaceable piece of aluminum which is designed to bend or break when stressed rather than causing costly damage to your frame.

Typically the derailleur hanger is supposed to be at right angles to the ground when seen from behind. Any deviation from this line will cause your shifting to be “off,” because the chain will be pulled through the pulley wheels at an angle. Because the piece is designed to break, bending it back “straight” will stress it further, probably causing it to snap. If possible, live with it until the ride is over and you can get it replaced. Or better still carry a spare with you.

Fiddling with the High and Low adjustment screws on the derailleur may allow you to stay in gear, but the chain will still have a tendency to skip.
If the chain skips really badly, you can try to bend the hanger back. Grab the derailleur body (not the pulley wheels) and apply firm, constant pressure to bend it in the required direction.

An alternative is to remove the derailleur with a 5mm Allen wrench, and run your bike in a 'single speed mode' by adjusting the chain length , these measures are not ideal , but they hopefully will get you home.

Even if you do manage to bend the hanger straight, it may retain a lateral (front-to-rear) twist, which will still keep it from shifting perfectly. 

Once you get back home, buy a new hanger. The stresses of being bent and bent back mean that your current one is weak and could disintegrate at any time.

The Gearmechhanger Team

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