PILO S14 Alpe D'Huez Road Fairy

PILO S14 Alpe D'Huez Road Fairy

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Introducing Pilo's new product -

S14 Alpe D'Huez Road Fairy  aka Road Link / Goat Link

This part will improve performance for road cyclists, by allowing a bigger rear cassette installation up to 40t max

Comes complete with the bolt included.

Works with any 1 x11 or 1 x10 Drivetrain (42T max cassette, with a single chain ring chainset)

The chainset can be either have a single chainring OR double chainrings where the difference between the chainrings is no more than14T Max 

(with an exception: works with a compact Shimano crank of 34-50T rings, 2 x10 cassette 11-36max)

With a double chainring chainset there is a limitation of 40T on the rear cassette with Shimano and Sram, and 36T with Campagnolo



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