PILO D128 CNC gear mech hanger / derailleur hanger

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To fit the following models -


2010 - Froggy 318-518-918
Spicy 216-316-516
Zesty 214-314
X-Control 210-310-410-500-510-710 
Tandem 2race team, 2race fit
Tecnic FS 700-900
Tecnic 200-300-400-500-700-700LS-400LS - 24 Lite – 20 Lite
Zesty women
X-Control women
Iron, Sand, Rock, Wood, Water, Rock-L, Water-L
Earlier years: 
X-Ride, X-Control, 360 mountain and others… 


Please note this is similier to our D838 hanger which is threaded, our D128 hanger is countersunk

Please compare your mech hanger to our image to ensure the correct fitting


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