PILO 30T Narrow Wide CNC ELLIPTICAL Hyperglide+ Sram Direct (3mm) fitting Black Hard Anodized

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Precise CNC Elliptic Chainring milled from 7075 -T7351
 billet aluminum made from Constellium Aluminium 

Narrow wide chainring for direct mount Sram Eagle Cranks, offset 3mm ELLIPTICAL Hyperglide+ 12Speed

Pilo 30T Elliptic profile tech specification -

Lower gear identical to circular 30T chainring.
Upper gear identical to circular 34T chainring.

Eccentricity: 13.3%.
Positioning relative to the crank's arm: 112 degrees counterclockwise.
Chain compatibility: Hyperglide+ x12.
Crank compatibility: direct mount SRAM EAGLE.
E-bike compatible.

Our tooth geometry is highly engineered, tested and proved to be the best out there, we are confident you will agree !

hat's why our CNC chainring is durable, quiet in operation and works exceptionally well 

Finish - Black Hard Anodized 



Pilo tooth geometry is highly engineered, based on DIN8196 (ISO), tested, and proved to be the best, we did not invent anything, we just did it right!
That's why our CNC chainring is durable, quiet in operation, and works exceptionally well.

All Pilo products are produced using the highest engineering standards and outstanding vacuum manufacturing techniques.

The strength and endurance of the final product are enhanced by using subtractive machining which keeps the grain structure of the Aluminium.
Pilo production facility is ISO 9001 2015 certified by URS.

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