UNION Gear Hanger - Box of Top 20

UNION Gear Hanger - Box of Top 20

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UNION Gear mech hangers

The BOX of the TOP 20 contains the 20 most common gear hangers, fitting frames for hundreds of bike brands.
All 20 gear hangers are marked on the inside of the lid with a drawing at scale 1:1.

Dimension of the box: 350 x 245 x 88mm

The BOX TOP 20 contains 1 each of the following - 

GH-001       GH-002        GH-003         GH-005         GH-006

GH-009       GH-010        GH-011         GH-012         GH-013

GH-014       GH-015        GH-017         GH-018         GH-020

GH-022       GH-023        GH-029         GH-033         GH-039

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