LUPINE Piko RX 4 Head Torch (Hardcase Fastclick Battery) 2017-18

LUPINE Piko RX 4 Head Torch (Hardcase Fastclick Battery) 2017-18

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Lupine  "Piko RX 4"

The Piko headlamp has been completely redesigned.
It is simply better at everything.
It is more powerful and lights efficiently thanks to newly developed optics, above all, the peripheral illumination, as well as the range, was significantly improved. It is here - a new generation Piko that is better by every standard.

With our specially developed FastClick system, you wear the battery directly on the headband and swap it for a fresh one in a few seconds.

Type of light: Headlight
Light output: 1800 Lumen
Remote:  Bluetooth with remote switch. App applicable.
Runtime:  1:15 h
Runtime Max:   80 h
Reach FL1:  240 m
Battery:  3.3 Ah Hardcase FastClick
Capacity indicator:  No
Weight incl. battery:  200 g
Battery setup: with FastClick-System on headband

Delivery content:  Lamphead Piko R, Bluetooth remote, Remote mount, 3.3 Ah Hardcase FastClick battery, Headband with FastClick mount, Wiesel charger, Manual