Cosmetic marked hangers

Cosmetic marked hangers


On this page you will find a list of hangers, Identical to our current range, although these hangers will have a cosmetic mark from the anodizing process.

These hangers are identical in design, just surface marked and therefore at a reduced price.

We will do our best to keep this list upto date.

If you would like to purchase one, please drop us an message using our Contact form and we will confirm the stock situation with you and Payment can be made via paypal.

Our Current list is as follows -

Cosmetic marked hangers   All hangers are £12.50 Postage FREE (UK postcode Only) regardless of retail cost. 

2 x D100
1 x D101   


1 x D103
1 x D107
1 x D108
1 x D110
1 x D114
1 x D120
1 x D13
1 x D147
1 x D162
1 x D168
1 x D171
1 x D175
1 x D188
1 x D216
1 x D241
1 x D250
1 x D250 BLUE
1 x D256
1 x D410 CAST 
2 x D50
1 x D69
1 x D70
1 x D85
1 x D89
2 x D105
2 x D21
2 x D232
2 x D72
3 x D96
5 x D18


All of the above hangers are still Postage FREE !

Best wishes


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