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PILO Frame Saver 5mm

Product no.: S6

£7.99 *
In stock

PILO Frame Saver 7mm

Product no.: S27

£7.99 *
In stock

PILO S25 Nut for D747

Product no.: S25

£9.99 *
In stock

PILO S22 Bolt for Santa Cruz D387/D478/D684

Product no.: S22

£8.99 *
Still in stock less than 3 items available

PILO S20 Derailleur Hanger Bolt (S10 and S14)

Product no.: S20

£6.99 *
In stock

Gear mech hanger bolt (each)

Product no.: S17

£1.49 *
In stock

PILO Double Chaninring bolt (pack of 4)

Product no.: S18

£6.99 *
In stock
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