Wheels Manufacturing Hanger **sale**

Listed on this page is a selection of New Wheels Manufacturing CNC hangers, ex workshop stock, so all brand new with bolts just re packaged.
Guaranteed brand new products


If you would like any of the products below, please email Andy for confirmation of stock and your order at -
I will do my best to keep this list up to date


All hangers are priced at £5.00 each (plus Postage)
Postage FREE on over £50net sales

Buy all 45 hangers for £120 !!!

MFG Part Codes   (stock correct as of 12-06-2024)

1 x WMF7
1 x WMF11
1 x WMF12 
1 x WMF26
3 x WMF27
2 x WMF43
2 x WMF45
2 x WMF47
1 x WMF49
1 x WMF58
2 x WMF59
2 x WMF65
1 x WMF87
1 x WMF93
1 x WMF96
3 x WMF108
1 x WMF116 (Without bolts)
3 x WMF118
1 x WMF128
2 x WMF163
3 x WMF170
1 x WMF215
1 x WMF216
1 x WMF233
2 x WMF234
1 x WMF242
1 x WMF274
1 x WMF309 (Without bolt)
1 x WMF316
1x WMF408


Please email - for availability.